Corporate Gifting

The Ultimate Employee Gift

Gift your employees and partners the ultimate wellness and lifestyle accessory!

Corporate Gifting

MITO is a stylish, functional and smart accessory that can improve employee wellness significantly. Here are just 3 reasons why.

1. Dehydration can impair cognitive function.

Studies have shown that when employees are dehydrated by just  3%, performance is  impaired on tasks involving visual perception, short-term memory and psychomotor ability.

2. Drinking water flushes toxins from the body.

Regular hydration helps the kidneys to remove metabolic wastes efficiently. Lack of water intake causes the body to hold in toxins rather than expelling them as required for proper employee health.

3. Drinking water helps in weight management.

Drinking water can replace other calorie-containing beverages in the diet and thus reduce overall energy intake. Drinking water before consuming food can also make one  feel fuller, causing you to eat less.

Personalise every Mito.

Corporate Gifting

Make all your employees and partners feel special with a MITO that is unique customised for them.

Our sophisticated rotary printing machines can print a unique bottle for every single employee with customisation options such as unique zodiac sign , name and designation.

Premium eco-friendly packaging

Corporate Gifting

MITO bottles come in the most premium, yet eco-friendly tube cylinder packaging. Our packaging is brown Kraft paper based, without toxic bleaching chemicals. We also do not use any plastic in life packaging.

MITO packaging provides a superior unboxing experience both from a tactile as well as a visual perspective. Delight your employees today !