When will MITO bottles start shipping?

We are producing our first batches and testing them rigorously and hope to start shipping them in July 2020

Are MITO bottles BPA free?

All MITO bottles are BPA free and made of food grade Stainless Steel 304 inside. They are perfectly safe.

Can MITO bottles be washed inside a dishwasher?

No. They need to be hand washed.

Is the MITO bottle cap water resistant?

Yes. The entire MITO Cap is IP 68 compliant which means it is significantly water resistant.

Do MITO bottles insulate drinks?

Yes. MITO bottles are made of double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel which can keep liquids cold for upto 24 hours and warm for upto 12 hours. 

Can MITO charge in Ambient or indoor light ?

Yes. It is recommended that MITO is exposed to natural sunlight at-least once a week for 20 minutes. It can also charge in ambient light as well.

Is MITO Cloud available on both Android and iOS

Yes, MITO cloud will come with a companion app that is available on both Android and IOS platforms.

Can I use multiple MITO Cloud bottles with a Single App?

Yes. You can have multiple bottles and all data will be synced to the same App and show consolidated hydration data.

Can I connect MITO Cloud to my personal mobile hotspot ?

Yes. You can. This is a convenient way to transfer information from MITO Cloud to your App.