Mito Smart Bottles - The power of Nano harvesting!

We are very proud of the energy nano-harvesting technology that we at Mito Hydration have developed.

One of the big issues with smart consumer devices that we observed was the need to charge them using USB cables or replacing batteries.  What happens after the first few weeks is that the user stops charging the device, or loses the charging cable or simply forgets to charge the device. When the device runs of out of power, it is no longer a smart device, but a dumb one.

It was this observation that made us develop a energy nano-harvesting technology that allows the solar cell to charge even in ambient light, prolonging the life of the device on a single solar charge. Our testing reveals that on a single charge of 25  minutes in open sunlight, the bottle continues to work for over 10 days. The more the initial charge the longer the duration of operation. If the device is charged for 15 minutes every week in open sunlight, it can continue working flawlessly without losing power.

The ability to charge in ambient lighting conditions has been done with proprietary low cost circuitry and engineering, making our Mito bottles affordable as well.

Our solar cells have a virtually unlimited life; chances are that you are more likely to lose the water bottle before the end of the life of the Solar Cell !